For the benefit of those of you who have aspirations of regarding yourselves to be rich and famous in the movie business, let us repeat this question (or suggestion) in as broad terms as possible. What motivates you to choose the utilization of your smart mobile device for your reading, research and the rehearsing of all those lines that are going to make you famous? Is it the technologies associated with it? Or is it the convenience of being on the spot? As old school newspaper journalists or reporters would have it, you would be in the invidious position of becoming the scoop. Or somethingRead More →


With the very modern business office styles, there is going to be a lot of glass. For a more spacious look and for ease of communication, more businesses are using glass offices and dividers throughout the space. Often, all of the out-facing walls are fully comprised of windows. This is not to be overwhelming or to make a strong statement. It is just a clear way of setting up an office in a modern, convenient style. If your business has offices like this, you will want to have good window cleaning services help whenever possible. Thought the partitions may not be windows, they are stillRead More →