Dry Wood Termite Control Companies Irvine CA

Dry wood termites are probably the biggest risk to standing wooden structures. The reason for this is due to the fact that these little creatures love to eat dry wood, unlike some other termites which are into all kinds of wood. House structures are built with dry wood so it is a clear path for termite munchies. As a result they come in droves to these homes.

What makes the termites so insidious is the fact that they stay inside of the wood, eating it from in to out. By the time you actually notice the damage, it is likely that there is much more damage than you can see. It starts with the wood trim. Usually that is the first thing to go. If you see that on your house, call in the termite experts right away.

Termite Control Companies Irvine

You will find that Termite Control Companies Irvine has locally are a different from one another. For example, there are the usual termite companies that use some very advanced chemicals to kill and control the termite populations in a home. All of the companies do inspections thoroughly to see the exact condition of the home. Sometimes the wood may need to be replaced.

The expense of wood replacement is high. At the same time, you may be concerned about the chemicals that are used to kill the termites. Many people do have chemical sensitivities and also there is a great deal of evidence to show that all pesticides are harmful to human health. They can cause sterility, nervous system disorders, immune problems, and even mental disorders.

None of this is worth the extermination of termites so people decide not to have their homes treated. You might be one of them and, if you are, understand that any of the internet-found “natural” ways to deter termites may not be fully effective. Instead, you can find a company that uses organic methods.

How do living trees avoid getting eaten by termites? As a matter of fact, how does any woody plant do it? Even though trees are wet wood, they can still get damaged by the termites. These trees prevent the termites from feasting by using special enzymes and other natural compounds in the living cells. These both kill and deter termites from infesting in the wood. The same compounds can be used for termite control in homes.